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Carrium: ForBetterOrForWorse!

“The Carrium Is The Understanding of The Bible!”

This Is The Journey!

“3 Years – 171 Days In Delivering Food To The Hungry!”

The 10th Month of The 40th Year After My Baptism!


4th Day of the week, which is called Wednesday

Prince Daniel-David-1 Year; 286 Days

Princess Mary-ElishaBeth; 150 Days

I am Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl, the Messenger of Prophesy of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Writings from 04-23-1997

Blessed are You, O Lord Gabriel, the Messenger Angel, Whom the Lord has sent with the Reports! Give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!


Blessed are You, O Lord God of my Peace! Abide in me; and, be You spread abroad unto all who are of the kingdom of God! Amen!


Thank You, O Lord, for giving me the expressions! Amen!

“Depend On The Power!”


The Way that is Perfect is the Way that You give me, O Lord! I shall not want any other way! I will see that Power that gives me the ability to work in Peace. You are that Peace, O Lord; and, all of my work must be in You! Cause it to be so, I pray You! Amen!


I heard what You said, O Lord! You quickened me to recognize what You were saying unto me! You told me to depend on the Power! So, be it done unto me even as You have said, O Lord! Amen!

Give unto the Lord the Glory due unto His Name; bring an offering, and, come into His Courts!” Amen!


So, be it done unto me as You have said, O Lord! Teach me how to do this; and, give me the speech, and whatever else is included in this commandment, to give to You; and, give me the offering that I need to give unto You! Amen!


Tell me what You mean; and, You will supply all that I need, so that I can meet these requirements which You have established! Amen!

I will write only that which You give me to write: so help me, O Lord! Amen!


I am Your Messenger! Amen!


You take back the Power and Control that was given up through ignorance! You give us the Power to keep it this time! Amen!

“Power of Attorney!”


I thought about the words, “Power of Attorney!” This is when someone else is authorized to exercise control over those things that belong to another! What is this to me, O Lord? Whatever is mine alone, that I have given anybody else, permission to use, which is not their right to use; I ask that You recall that authority, O Lord! And, this includes any power that anyone, or anything is exercising over my wife, also! Yes, Lord: sanctify her! Amen!

O Heavenly Father, You have the Power and Authority to deal with anyone who uses anything that I have told them that they have no more right to use, if they be found still using it, or trying to use it! I ask that You remove the habits from those who will be found using it accidentally! Amen!

Thus saith the Lord, “Now is the time for them to learn how to step down!” Amen!


“There shall be no outside controls,” saith the Lord! Amen!


So be it, O Lord, even as You have said! Amen!

You explain all things to me thoroughly; and, You bring forth Your Own Understanding of what You mean! Amen!

The Lord has also shown me that’ we are often found asking Him for things; but, we are not willing to do what it takes to get what we asked Him for! This shows that we really did not want what we were asking Him for! Amen!

O Lord, let this not be found with me anymore forever! I ask that You utterly destroy that wicked way! Amen!

What does it take to get this thing that we asked Him for? He will tell us what is required; and, we will do gladly what He is telling us to do! Amen!

O Lord Jesus, let this be done even as I have read! Amen!

“People want things: but, they will not give respect to the Laws of God that are required to get what they asked for! They say they want to hear God: but, they are not willing to take the steps that are required, that will bring about this hearing! Since they won’t do what is required: they are found to be lying, about wanting what they asked for! They just ask to be asking! Amen!”

“Have You Made Yourself Unable To Be A Help?”


Help, Lord, because trouble is near! Cause the wickedness to keep silence while You speak with me! Blessed are You, O Lord Michael, the Arch Angel of War, Whom the Lord has assigned to stand up against those who rise up against us! Arise: and, fight! Amen!

Take care of yourself! Don’t lust after evil things! A wife was always getting sick; and, that put extra burdens on her husband! The evil spirits are trying to hurt the preachers by causing their wives to desire things that will cause them to get sick, or be injured in some other fashion. I knew a man whose wife had a stroke! This required him to do a lot of things for her; and, that took him away from being able to focus on the job, which he had! What could she have done to keep this from happening to her? There was something that she loved to eat; and, she would eat an overabundance of it. Whenever he would need her, she was sick. He would have to take her to the restroom; and, would have to bathe her. He would have to fix the meals, while being required to go out to work. But, the woman had said that she wanted to be a help to her husband, just like the Lord said she should be. With evil desires in the heart, the evil spirits will motivate that person to do everything that will cause injury to herself.

“Are You Willing To Do What Is Required?”


My Lord, You know! Examine my willingness; and, see if it is what it is supposed to be! Amen!


I see this thing about being willing is being brought forth again! Amen!

Here is what the Lord is saying to you all! The Lord does not see the willingness to do all that He will command you to do! This is not speaking about the willingness to do those things which you have already done: but, this is speaking about something that He will tell us to do in the future. Now, is the time to get what is needed for that time, when it shall come! Amen!

Thus saith the Lord, “You are afraid!” Amen!


The Lord is true in whatsoever He say: but, I realize He is not telling us this to condemn us: but, to Strengthen us with His Strength!


Therefore, O Lord, I ask that I be strengthened in willingness, so that I will be willing to do all that You will command me to do! And, I ask that You destroy all the remaining fears, so that there will be no more, that I shall see forever! Amen!

I heard what Gideon said in Judges 6, when he said, “Lord, if now I have found grace in Your sight, then show me a sign that You are talking with me.” Amen!

O Lord, what shall I ask of You? Amen!


Do not depart from me, I pray You, until I come unto You, and bring forth my present, and set it before You! Amen!


“I will tarry until you come again!” Amen!

What shall I set before You, O Lord?


Thus saith the Lord, “Let your Faith be set before Me!”


O Lord, give me the faith that is pleasing to You, so that I may set it before You! I pray You! Amen!



Establish the belief, O Lord! You will bring me on to where I am supposed to be in You! Thank You, Lord, for abiding with me! I shall not want! So be it done unto me as You have said! Amen!

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord!”


Wait upon the Lord! Amen!


So be it done unto me as You have spoken! Amen!


Wait patiently upon the Lord! Amen!


Be it done unto me as You have said, O Lord! Amen!

“This Understanding Is Coming From Judges 7.”


I am remembering how You purged away all fearful spirits (people) from around Gideon; and, left him with only that which You would use, to bring about the deliverance of Israel! I see You doing this with me, also! Bring it on down to what You will use, O Lord! I saw the immediate departure of 22,000 fearful spirits! And, now, O Lord, what are the next 9,700 spirits that must be released? Amen!


Lord, I put all things before You to try it! Whatsoever You say for me to get rid of; cause it to be gotten rid of immediately! Amen!

This morning, You eliminated the telephone! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! You teach me how to trust in Your Power and in Your Might: and, You give me to believe in the Power of the Holy Angels! Angels are on assignment; and, They are waiting for us to allow them to do their responsibility towards us! Amen!


So be it done as You Will, O Lord! Amen!


The following morning, You had us to eliminate the cable, the V.C.R., and, the television! Amen!


O Lord, I ask that You remove the habits that were caused by these things; and, utterly destroy them, so that we see no more desire for them! Amen!


O Lord, let the Gift of the art return unto us; and, bless us with the Spirit of Inspiration that works this Gift, also! And, cause the Spirit to abide in us; and, we abide in Him; and, He abide with us; and, with the others, also! Amen!


Blessed are You, O Lord God Almighty! Thank You for purging out those things that are not useful to us!


Thus saith the Lord, “But, let everyone decide for themselves what they will do about these things! Amen!


Be it done unto me as You have said, O Lord! Amen!

Thus saith the Lord, “How can you be effective in the office of a Prophet, if you despise and disrespect one that is in the same office? Are you not despising your own office? How can your hearing come? A Prophet is required to be able to hear God, so that he can blow the trumpet to warn the people! Amen!”


“How then can you be effective in that office, seeing that you despise the office? And, how can you hear, if you are not willing to do what is required to get your hearing? A Prophet will be the first to respect what God has established: and, that person, who will do this, shall be My servant, saith the Lord! And, it does not matter to Me if it be male or female! When I say, “He”; I am not speaking of sex nor gender! Amen!”

“Strive To Become A Son of God!”


How can I reach the status of a Son of God, if I do not give all the Honor to the Status of Son-ship? Amen!


I have heard of how the Angels are able to guide the people to those whom You have ordained! I have seen it written in the Scriptures, whereby it speaks about the Angels’ responsibility towards us and the unsaved! This is God’s doing! You bring those that have, together with those who have not! We have the supplies; and, they have the need! I have the Spiritual wealth; and, they have the material wealth. We shall be a supply for the need of one another! This is the way the Lord has ordained it. Let us get together, O Lord! Lord, this is marvelous, and exciting! Bring it on, O Lord! Amen!


“For Better: Or, For Worse!”

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