Flood of Ungodliness!

We Are Called:

These are the Messages for the people in these days!

Carrium: Flood-of-Ungodliness

“The Carrium Is The Understanding of The Bible!”

This Is The Journey!

“3 Years – 161 Days In Delivering Food To The Hungry!”

The 10th Month of The 40th Year After My Baptism!


1st Day of the week, which is called Sunday

Prince Daniel-David-1 Year; 276 Days

Princess Mary-ElishaBeth; 140 Days

“Anticipating Dying!”

(Preparing For Spiritual Warfare Against A Flood Of Ungodliness)


During the night, I dreamed that I was lying on my back in some water; and, my face was almost submerged under the water! I found myself anticipating the water getting into my nose! I saw how I was gasping for air; and, holding my breath. There is a tenseness in the lungs, that will not allow you to be able to take in as much air as you need to, for fear of breathing in water! (This also speaks about how the flood of the ungodly comes in to cause you to be afraid, according to the words of David in Psalm 18. They are as if to be in a condition of being drowned, when these ungodly people come in upon a person like a flood. I have seen this: and, now I understand this spiritual principle.) It was like a person in the water, trying to keep from drowning! There were short gasps for air, as the head came up out of the water, before going back under! The water was so close to the openings of the nose! This felt like I was being suffocated! Some call it a phobia. Now, we will walk upon the waters! Amen!


I am seeing the absence of thoughts about the Lord in conditions like this! (But, when these things happen with the flood of ungodliness, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against them! This I have seen in recent events; and the understanding of matters are very clear to me.) We are told to acknowledge the Lord in all things: but, I did not notice any thoughts coming forth about the Lord, when I was in this apparent death situation! Amen!

Heavenly Father, I look to You! Supply me with that which You know I need to overcome situations like that; and, Strengthen the mind against panic; and, give me to be able to listen carefully to what You are saying! I would that I be made able to call upon You in times of troubles, such as that! Amen!

I have never learned how to swim: but, I have heard the Word, which says, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus, Who strengthens me!” In cases of Emergencies, I will call upon the Name of the Lord, Who gives us all of our abilities to do that which we need to do! And, when there is not enough time to call, because of the suddenness of the thing; I ask that You would arise, and take control of the situation! You are Automatic Help, also! Amen!

In that dream, I noticed only one thing that was on my mind: and, that was to keep the water from getting into my nose. That was the thought that was totally occupying my mind at the time. This is also showing, not giving up; and, a will to survive! This shows that there is not a desire to die; but, to live! Amen!

“Living In The Awareness of Truth!”


Who wants to die? But, the awareness of Life must always be present! And, I ask of You, O Lord, that You would make Yourself known to me at all times! Amen!


Men struggle to keep from dying: and this testifies to the fact that man has a desire to live: but, Life is in Jesus Christ! That which gives life is made known to man: but, a man will not accept the Spirit that will give him life. Even the Spirit to know truth about how to obtain life is given to man freely! The Light is the Life of man; and, without the Light, man has no life abiding in himself. This is an example of the Power of the Spirit of Truth! You are given to know that this is the truth! But, man, by his efforts to keep from dying, is testifying that he wants to live! Life is being offered free of charge: but, man is refusing that which is being offered to him, to give him life: and then, he turns around, and seek after death, expecting that which is classified as death to give him life. Therefore, he has refused to accept the truth, which he was given power and ability to know! But, when you are facing Death, in a death situation; the Strength of your faith will be revealed! Yes, you may have said you will do this in this condition, until that condition comes upon you: but then, you will see yourself as you really are! This is what happened to Peter who boasted great things about his loyalty to Jesus Christ, until he faced a situation which could have caused his own death! He did not respond in the way he thought he would respond! But, the Lord be showing us weaknesses about ourselves before we enter into these trials, so that we can gain what we need from Him to overcome these trials! Always acknowledge, as being true, those things which He be showing you! The Lord is not lying to us; and, neither is He showing us these things to condemn us! He is the Light; and, He is revealing all of these things to us for our perfecting! Amen!


We are also forewarned of things through our dreams! These are those dreams that tell us of things that are coming our way! What we do at the present time, will determine how we will fair in that condition when it comes! The enemy is sneaky in his approach, to try to get us to believe that we are something that we are not! How could we be what we think we are, unless the Lord would have made us to be that? The Lord tells us what we need, so that we can ask for it! When the Lord told His disciples that all of them would forsake Him; they had the opportunity at that time to ask of Him to Strengthen them, so that this would not be! When the Lord told Peter that he would deny Him three times; Peter told the Lord he would do no such thing! Peter actually told the Lord He was lying! But, Peter should have said, “Lord, what You are saying about me is true! I ask that You would give me what I need so that this will not be!” Later, after Peter’s conversion, he encountered a sorcerer, whom he told what would come upon him for trying to buy the gift of God! The man requested that Peter pray for him, so that this would not happen! This man believed what Peter had said would come upon him! Amen!


So, when the Lord is telling you something about yourself; you should acknowledge what He said is true: and, then ask Him to give you what you need so that this will not be! Amen!

People don’t get better because they don’t acknowledge as being true, those things which the Lord be showing them about themselves! They would rather go on believing that they are something that they are not! Then, they will fall to the test when it is finally allowed to come upon them! The Lord said He would not allow more to come upon us, than we are able to bare: but, this means, we will have to have taken that which He was offering us, first! The trials will come: but, the Lord will have tried to give you what you need to endure the trials! But, if you refuse to accept what He is offering you; that does not mean that the trial will be canceled! That only means you will fail the trial when it comes! But, what if it is a trial of life and death? If you had not taken the preparations which the Lord was offering: when that trial comes, you will be killed! But, if you had taken the preparations; you would have escaped with your life! Remember: not taking the preparations which the Lord is offering, is also disobedience to His Will! Amen!


If a man shall refuse what Jesus Christ is offering him; this is showing that the man does not know what life is; and, he does not know what it takes to live! Jesus is offering Life and Blessings! There is such a confusion in the midst of the people about how to obtain life! They are turning to those things of the darkness, in abundance, seeking life! Amen!

In the dream, I was facing upward; but, just the face portion of my head was being focused on! What is the face? And, when you hear God saying, “Seek ye My Face!”: what do you suppose He is talking about? Seek the Truth; The Way; and, the Life! People are focusing on a face that is presented as the face of Jesus! No one knows what He looks like! But, God is telling all of us to identify Jesus in the Truth; and in the Way, when it is presented before us! See Jesus in the fruits of righteousness! Amen!

“Preparations For What You Know Is Coming!”


It was a feeling that I have when I am about to put my face under the water! I prepare myself for my head being put under the water! But, I usually hold my nose shut, when I am about to do this! Amen!


Lord, I ask for more detail understanding of this dream!

Instinctively, a man will try to keep from dying; and, that is showing, again, his desire to live! But, the heart must be filled with the Thoughts of Life! So, as a man thinks, he becomes! But, he cannot have lying thoughts in his head, whereby he will think he is seeking after life, but be actually pursuing death! The pure thoughts of Life will lead a man to Life! Lying thoughts will make you think you are seeking Life; but, you be following after thoughts that are supplied to you by Death! You must come to understand that which supplies life; and, that which leads to your own destruction! Get the two separated! You have to know who it is that is urging you to seek after what you are seeking after! Therefore, it is given to you to know Light from darkness! Always find out where this spirit, or this person is coming from? Who sent him; and, whom does he represent? By having the Spirit of Truth in you; you will be able to discern all that come unto you from the darkness! Amen!


I ask that You would fill my heart with the true Thoughts of Life, O Lord God! Amen!

Think upon the things that are pure! Amen!

Heavenly Father, give me the thoughts whereby I may think upon the things that are pure! I am given to know, that by these thoughts, I will also know what is pure! You do supply our thoughts for us; and, we cannot think upon anything in truth, that we don’t know anything about! We can only think purity is, what we think it is: but, You know what purity is! Amen!

Then, I heard, “Think upon that which is lovely, and honest!” Therefore, I ask that You would supply me with all of the thoughts of that which is lovely and honest, so that I might think only upon those things! Amen!


This is how the heart is being established by the Lord! We look for those things which the Lord said He would supply to us! Amen!


Truth is observed within yourself, first! A man that is not willing to tell a lie, has truth abiding in him! But, those who tell lies, knowing that it is a lie, have death abiding in them! And, truth leads you to life; and, a lie is leading you to death. Tell the truth! Amen!

Heavenly Father, I ask that You would purge out all elements in me that would cause me to tell a lie; and, let the Spirit, to tell the truth, abide in me alone! Amen!

The water is also a symbol of many people! This is like Peter, when he was walking upon the water! This shows that God placed him above the level of the people. But, he began to sink down into the water! When he realized what was happening to him; he cried out, “Save me, Lord!” Preachers have sunk to the level of those whom they were sent to bring up! And now, the Lord must cause the preachers to walk upon the waters again. If it be You, Lord; bid me to come unto You upon the waters! The cares of the world is what caused the preachers to sink! They did not want to face the hardships that would be required of them, before they could be brought forth to lead the people in the right ways! They surrendered to the desires of the people; and, therefore, they became even as the people. They have allowed men to have power over them! How long will it be before the Lord will add people under you? Because you could not wait, you went forth to catch your own fish! You went into their assemblies, which is even as a man going into the water after a fish! Are you not in the territory where the fish has the advantage? But, you have gone out, and taken a job in their assemblies; and, they have assigned you a salary out of the Tithes which the Lord designated as being yours, because you are of the tribe of the Levites, a chosen tribe, which was chosen to minister the Word of the Lord. You have always had more than they: but, you have looked upon yourself as needing them. The Lord stated that the sick are the ones who need the physician! But, you are not able to recognize a sickness! You have counted your Words from the Lord as being less than their material things! You have given yourselves to be in bondage; and, no slave can rule over the people. Amen!

This is a cry for help, whether it be from a physical danger, or whether it be because you are being pulled under by people! You can become swamped by a multitude of people coming to you; and, you will begin to feel like you are being suffocated, because these will not be the ones whom the Spirit will have drawn to you! These will be stiff-necked and rebellious people, who will not walk according to those things which they have heard. These will contend: but, they will not give peace to the heart. Amen!

Lord, I ask that You would deal with all elements of this circumstance! Amen!

This is also like trying to keep your head above the water; and, not sink to their level! This is also showing that you do not desire that which is in the people to come into you! That which they have in them is death. The breath of Life is given to the living; but, death seeks to take your breath away! This also comes about by constant provoking coming from the people! This is like saying, “Lord, I am hanging on for dear life!” This is an awareness, that you do not want to be provoked into doing things that would cause your death. Amen!

Thus saith the Lord, “The water symbolizes people! Keep your head above the water; and, don’t let that which they have, get into you! I give you power to walk upon the waters! When you walk upon the waters, they will be at your heal: but, you will be upon their heads. They shall bruise your heal: but, you shall crush their heads!” Amen!

Lord, I ask that You would grant me that which I need, that will prevent me from allowing that which they have, to come into me! Amen!


Help, Lord! Prepare me for the coming of the many people, so that I don’t feel like I am being suffocated by them! This preparation of my heart comes from You! Amen!


When I awakened from the dream; and, I was hearing, “You can awaken from a dream whenever you want to!” What must I do, O Lord? And, what does that mean? I say unto all of you, “Awake out of your sleep!” Amen!


Beware of devils working miracles in these days! When you give your attention to understanding the Truth, and to walking according to the Truth; you will not be deceived by these devils working miracles. Know what the Truth said would be in these days! Miracles, which causes people to believe, are not of God! But, the miracles of God happens to those who believe first; and, then they shall see the miracles of God! A miracle will take place in your life! I understood the miracle as being that which I can now believe that I was not able to believe before. The miracle of the opening of the eyes of the blind took place in me. Amen!

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