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Carrium: Choices-Choices-Choices!

“The Carrium Is The Understanding of The Bible!”

This Is The Journey!

“3 Years – 172 Days In Delivering Food To The Hungry!”

The 10th Month of The 40th Year After My Baptism!


5th Day of the week, which is called Thursday

Prince Daniel-David-1 Year; 287 Days

Princess Mary-ElishaBeth; 151 Days

I am Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl, the Messenger of Prophesy of the Lord Jesus Christ!

“Maybe You Were The Second Choice, Because A Person’s First Choice Said No!”


At one time, you had a choice between two people! How does the other person feel about being your second or third choice, when she thought that she would be your first choice? Have you ever been a person’s second, or third choice? How do you feel about that, when you found out that there was someone preferred before you: but, you got your chance because the first choice refused the offer of marriage? You are a strong person: and, you did not give any thought about the person not loving you: but, that you focused on your love for that person! But, this is for those of you who were rejected in favor of someone else: did you ever learn to appreciate the one that accepted you?

And, now, this is speaking to those of you who decided to marry someone else, after making someone else believe you would marry him or her! This is speaking about someone that you once knew, before deciding to marry someone else! Does this not say to the person that you believe you found someone better than her? Ouch! That hurts! I know the feeling! My heart was so dedicated towards a person in my youth: but, I got a letter one day, saying that there was someone else that had come back into her life. I felt rejected! Then, another girl appeared one day: and, I became attracted to her. Then, I got a letter from the first, saying she wanted to come visit me. I was becoming emotionally involved with this new person. But, I still had special feelings for the first. There was something about her. She was the only girl that I did not desire to have sex with outside of marriage. Even to this day, I have not been able to understand why, giving the nature of the person I was.

This is not talking about choosing to marry someone that you had never known, over someone you know. This speaks of leaving an active relationship, for a relationship with another person. But, this happens in darkness. There was a selection between two women. Let this be clear to me, O Lord!

This is the dream that I had last night; and, the Lord has said for us to take our dreams seriously. My Lord, I thank You for this opportunity to write that which I am given to remember. I was shown to be driving a dump truck in Los Angeles! My Lord, what is the meaning of driving a dump truck?

I went to pick up Suzanne, a person whom I met many years ago. She always showed herself to be tender-hearted. We were talking! And then, she turned towards me on the seat, looking tenderly into my face, indicating by her concerned speaking, that she wanted me to make sure I was not on the rebound after breaking up with the woman whom I had been with. Where is the assurance? Can’t you see the joy in my eyes at seeing you again? Can’t you feel the joy in my heart? Can’t you see the smile upon my face? I communicate to you that you are in my heart! Was she sure she was willing? If only you can see what fills my heart!

Do you remember those long hard years? Wounds and scars are healed; and, the memory of them vanishes because of the present joy! The Lord heals the broken-hearted. You are the soothing balm for the burn! Can torture live where joy is ruling? Pain and pleasure do not abide simultaneously! Your gentle ways quiets the rage of hell! Your sweetness nullifies the bitterness! Are you willing to start another journey? Love is strong; and, is full of hope, even unto the end of time. Love never grows old; and, the good spirit is always youthful. The outward appearance changes: but, the inward spirit always remains a delight. Therefore, we are looking at the spirit of the person.

Have you ever been on your way to do something, and got sidetracked? Are you ready for the real thing? Have you had your fill of manly women?

Who this other woman was: and, what had happened to her, I don’t remember this being mentioned. And, so will the Lord cause the memory of the wicked to vanish! But, because this is showing a man, as myself, being in the Lord; I know this other woman had to be either dead (spiritually or physically), or she had walked out of the marriage. Her bitter arrows had to go with her! This is something that I know I could not have initiated, because it would go against the commandment of the Lord.

“Getting That Special Blend!”


The Lord assigned which of His disciples would work together! But, this is a common thing found among people in these days: they choose their own mates! They make choices without the Lord! They are as those females who are spoken about in Jeremiah 44!

“How Do We Remember A Thing As Having Been?”


In the dream, it showed that I wanted to drive to a place where we could sit down to drink some coffee. People do need time and a place to really talk! There is so much rushing in these days: and, people have forgotten how to communicate with one another. A man of God loves a receptive heart! Why was it coffee that we were seeking? Do you drink coffee? I thought about Denny’s: but, I had passed up the place, because it was good being in a peaceful situation, where no contentions existed. Why Denny’s? Where is this special place and time that you are looking for? The time that you have now, is the only time that you are guaranteed! I remembered the past years when I would be sitting in Denny’s, drinking coffee, and writing. Those were the years when the Lord had me hitchhiking around the country. There was peace and quiet there in those days: but, what is it like now? So, I returned to the days of yesterday! There are a lot of places that sell coffee: but, I liked Denny’s blend of coffee better. I see a blending of people by the Lord: and, He selects which two He will blend together for His purpose. This will be a good blend. For the first time in a long time, I was relaxed! But, we have been guilty of selecting our own blend: and, most of these turned out to be bitter drinks. I thought about the blend, which the Lord gave me. He gave me to blend a pound of Seaport dark roast with a pound of Maryland Club. It is no longer Seaport, nor Maryland Club. When two people are blended together, it is no longer him, nor her: but, us and we! Two individuals becomes a unit!


Suzanne appeared to be as I remembered her when I first met her.

My Lord, give me to understand this dream, I pray Thee. There are things that people are not taking seriously. The Lord gives warnings: but, people have taken the warnings lightly.


It was shown in a dream that I had been with another woman, whom I had accepted as my wife: but, she was no longer with me. So, I went to find a woman whom I knew before my ex-wife. How will I know if this one will remain? How will she know if I will remain with her? We are not the same people that we were when we first met. When I first met this woman, neither of us was saved! What I expressed for her, at that time, was being expressed with a heart that was still in darkness. Was not her heart in the same place? How are feelings revived? Are these old feelings that were revived: or, are these feelings that have never been? These would be feelings, based on the present Spirit that inhabits the heart. What made these first feelings go away; and, why do they surface again after so many years? Why wasn’t this person my first choice; and, why would I go back for someone that I had rejected many years ago. Would not the darkness pull us away from those who would be a perfect mate for us? There had to be feelings for her, then. But, someone came along, and overshadowed those feelings, because the heart was not covered by the Light. How would you know if someone else cannot come along and overshadow those feelings again? So, the one that you married was your first choice! She was never your first choice, even though she was before the one whom you married. Someone can pull you away from the one whom you are with: and, after she is successful in pulling you away; she will leave. Then, you will try to return to the one whom you left behind. Will she give her heart to you? What changes were made in you since then? You professed love before: but, you did not stay with the one whom you professed to have loved! Are you able to stay with your love, now?

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