A Miracle Is Going To Take Place!


These are the Messages for the people in these days!

The Apostle John said, I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, and heard behind me a Great Voice, as of a trumpet, saying, “I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last: and, what you see, write in a Book, and send it unto the seven churches, which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.”

“In Asia”means in the time of this 4th Seal! The “7 Churches” speaks of that which is being called Christianity in all of the world! And, the names of these places speak of the spiritual condition in which these people are dwelling, and not physical locations!

Carrium: 049

“The Carrium Is The Understanding of The Bible!”

This Is The Journey!

“3 Years – 213 Days In Delivering These Messages!”

The 12th Month of The 40th Year After My Baptism!


4th Day of the week, which is called Wednesday

Prince Daniel-David-1 Year; 328 Days

Princess Mary-ElishaBeth; 192 Days

“The Zeal of The Lord And Stubbornness Are Not United in The Same Heart, Because God Has Separated The Light From The Darkness!”

Behold, the Power, the Might, and the Authority of the LORD is coming from far, burning with His Anger; and, the burden thereof is heavy! His lips are full of indignation, and His tongue as a devouring fire: and, His breath, as an overflowing stream, shall reach to the midst of the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity: and, there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err. He shall fight against them with the Words of His mouth, because by His Word, a fire is kindled, and the earth shall melt at His Voice! The Lord has beheld, and has seen evil in the midst continually!”

You shall have a song, as in the night when a holy solemnity is kept; and gladness of heart, as when one goes with a pipe to come into the mountain of the LORD, to the Mighty One of Israel. And, the LORD shall cause His Glorious Voice to be heard, and shall show the lighting down of His Arm, with the indignation of His Anger, and with the flame of a devouring fire, with scattering, and tempest, and hailstones. Because through the Voice of the LORD shall the mighty powers be beaten down, which smote with a rod. And, in every place where the grounded staff shall pass, which the LORD shall lay upon him, it shall be with tabrets and harps: and in battles of shaking will He fight with it. Woe to them, after having trusted in the Lord; but, have turned to the world for help; and, have put their confidence in men in their vehicles to come to their aid, because they are many; and, even in the military and the policemen, because they are very strong! But, they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the LORD! Yet He also is Wise, and will bring evil, and will not call back His Words: but, will arise against the house of the evildoers; and, against those who help those who work iniquity. Now, the systems of the world are made up of men, and not God; and their transportation and instruments is physical, and not Spirit. When the LORD shall stretch out His Hand, both he that helps shall fall, and he that is helped shall fall down, and they all shall fail together. Because thus has the LORD spoken unto me, saying, “Like as the lion and the young lion roaring on his prey, when a multitude of shepherds is called forth against him, he will not be afraid of their voice, nor abase himself because of their noise: so, shall the LORD of hosts come down to fight for His people, and for the anointed thereof. Though the numbers of the wicked shall be as the grains of the sand of the sea, the Lord will destroy all of them! As birds flying, so will the LORD of hosts defend in every place where His people are found! While defending them, He will also deliver them! And, passing over He will preserve them.” Amen!

Through the night, a mighty wind, with rain came! A power transformer exploded, and darkness came because the lights went out! In the night I dreamed that I would return to my old high school, wearing my pro football uniform. I wore the entire uniform, included the cleated shoes. It was the Dallas Cowboys uniform. I would walk onto the practice field where the high school players were practicing! I visited with a group of young players still practicing after the rest of the team had gone into the club house. I gave each of them a game ball which I had signed; and, then I walked into the club house to visit with the coach. When the coach saw me, he called me by a name that he said the players had called me by when I was in that school. He used the word “Folks!” I did wonder why they would call me by that name. I had to return to Dallas because we had a game to play! Look at me now! Look at what I have become! The Power of God is greater than all; and, the lowly is exalted! He raises them up to the top! Who are the young ones that will come? The Lord has chosen you! The Lord looks for the dedicated, and they that will continue. Giving them a signed ball is like Elijah putting his mantle upon Elisha. It is an anointment! I have given you this Word! He shall make you great! And, your name shall be remembered! You shall be called by a name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name!


What is impossible for God? But, the wind continued in the night; and, finally the lights came back on while I lay upon my bed. The remembrance of the mighty wind, which the Lord God brought forth, in the time that He divided the Red Sea came unto me! What has the Lord done; and, what is the meaning of this, my Lord?

Evil diseases cleave to us: but, You burn away all evil diseases! You leave the body healthy! Great is the Power of the Spirit! Men try to emulate God by using their radiation therapy: but, God destroys all diseases, and leaves the body healthy! O Lord, You destroy only that which is evil! You alone are God! You are a Shield, and a Defense! You send forth Your Spirit, and we are lifted up in praises to You! Your Angels come to help us, because You look upon our afflictions, and our pains! You give us Power to understand Your Truth; and, we make our confessions unto You! You forgive us for our transgressions; and, You cause us to know the Way in which we shall walk! You make it quiet for us, because You are a God Who loves Peace! You turn the arrows of the wicked back upon their own heads! You are a Shield in the fire! My body longs for the Health of the Lord, because Your Promises do not fail. You said You would be silent while the wicked prospered: but, You also said You would arise, and set these things straight before their faces! You look hard into their faces: but, they are not aware of You! But, I am thankful that You caused my lips to open, and my mouth does show forth Your praises! With God, all things are possible!

Why fear man? People cannot cast you into the Lake of Fire: but, God can, and will, if there is no turning from wickedness! How long shall God see you overlooking things that you have been made aware of? The Church is in a shambles! A multitude of beautiful buildings don’t make for a Holy Church! When awareness of a situation comes, that is the time to do something about it! While you are talking about problems, that means you are aware of the problems! Now it is time for the work to start! Let’s build the house of God starting with you! A converted heart is what is needed to influence others into being converted. Your ways shall be unto them a Light! Hiding secrets from people without regard for what God knows is not wise! It is also the evidence that a person is not saved! The saved people always give respect to what God knows, and will govern their lives by His Laws! Pretending to be saved can only fool people: but, God is the Rightful Judge!

People will say, Yes, Lord, make me whole, when they hear that question! But, what will it take for you to be made whole? And, do you know what it means to be made whole? Before you can be made whole, you must accept everything that the Lord offers you; and, that which you take from Him will make you to be whole! Being made whole means to come to the fullness of the measure and stature of Jesus Christ! You must be built up; and, you can only achieve that point by accepting everything that God gives you! It also means having to give up many things and beliefs in order to achieve what you said you wanted God to do for you.

The Power is in the Praises!But, praise can only come forth out of clean lips; and, the condition of your lips will be determined by the condition of your heart! The Understanding, which comes from God, is Mighty! The Joy of the Lord must be exalted far above the joy of receiving material things! Now understand how God is exalted high above all things! What God has separated, what man is there that shall join it? What God has joined together, what man is there that shall separate it? Power cannot be separated from true praises, because God has joined it together by His Word! I will not include fantasy with reality. God has separated the Light and the darkness, and I will not be found joining it! Amen!

Unless you give your attention to being cleansed, you are being declared as being wicked by God! God gives a continual washing! Does that mean anything to you? Let there be no more playing around, because this could mean your life! Suddenly will the Lord send death upon people whom He sees not taking what He has said seriously! These shall be example for others, and they will learn what not to do because of what the Lord did to those who took His sayings as a joke! The Word has said that the prayers of the wicked are an abomination unto God: therefore, I will not encourage those who have not been given ability to pray, to pray! I will discourage all such praying! I will not look for agreement as touching anything, with those who have not received the Power to pray! I will understand that these people cannot be a help to me in praying, because they have not been made clean! I will not encourage them in an evil matter! I am given to remember that the Lord said that the prayers of the wicked are an abomination to Him! I will not encourage those who have not been faithful to pray, and offer up to God that which He said He hates! But, I will give myself to praying! Amen!

“Being On One Accord” is, having the same thoughts and desires towards God, to do His Will and to perform His Purpose; and, also finding the same pleasure in doing the Will of God! Amen!

I will not seek to be joined in prayer by those who have not given themselves diligently to serving the Lord with their whole heart! So, help me, Lord; and, strengthen me against all of these evil desires! I have heard about the freewill offering; and, I have come to the conclusion that if anyone is doing anything grudgingly, they are not in agreement with me; and, their desires to give You what You have commanded, is not the same as mine! But, I ask that they would be made to understand that it is good and right to give to You that which You require of us! O love the Lord with all of your heart; and, give unto the Lord the sacrifice of your lips! Those who are made able to praise the Lord, come join with me; and, we will praise the Lord together! Let the righteous praise Him; and, let all of those whom He has redeemed, praise Him! Amen!


But, let all of those who are still in the grave keep silence! The dead cannot praise the Lord: for the Lord is the Living! The dead have no desire and delight in that which is Living! Amen!

How can you contend with that which is greater than you, if you have been worn out by that which is equal to you? Resist the devil, and he shall flee from you; and, be aware of your attitude in the time of your trials! For the Lord has said for us to count trials as all joy! Are we counting it as all joy, or are we counting it as all grumbling! This is a trial for the increasing of our strength; and, the joy of the Lord is the strength of our lives! You do not seek to get out of the trial; but, that you shall gain all that you need to gain out of that trial! For this is a trial that is allowed by God, so that we can gain some precious fruit of the Spirit! We don’t know how long a trial is ordained to last: but, God has known from the beginning how long He has ordained for a certain trial to last! And, it shall not go beyond the appointed time! Amen!


God can take away a pain in a split second; and, that pain cannot endure any longer than God allows it to endure! But, our faith is tried on that belief! People be thinking that all evil things that happen to us is because of sin: but, God is telling us that it is not because of sin; and, that this is a trial that has come to try us! But, do we stand on what we have heard God say, or do we start to believe the report of people, and of the evil spirits telling us that we must have sinned in some manner! This was the case with the friends of Job: but, God had said that Job was an upright man that hated evil! All of the conversation that Job was hearing was to persuade him not to believe what God had said about him! Amen!

I will not give respect to the enemy! Preserve my life from giving respect to the power of the enemy, O Lord! And, accept my prayer, which You have given me in Psalm 64. Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer! Preserve my life from fear of the enemy! Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity, who whet their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows to shoot their arrows, even bitter words: that they may shoot in secret at the perfect! Suddenly do they shoot at him, without fear. They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they speak in secret about setting traps for the righteous! They say, Who shall be able to see their traps? They search out things against us; they do a thorough search! Both the inward thought and the heart of every one of them, is deep.


But, God shall shoot at them with an arrow; suddenly shall they be wounded. So they shall make their own tongue to fall upon themselves: all that see them shall flee away. And all men shall fear, and shall declare the work of God, because they shall wisely consider of His doing. The righteous shall be glad in the LORD, and shall trust in Him; and all the upright in heart shall glory! Amen!

Blessed are You, O Lord, Who causes us to rise up in our right minds, to give You thanks! I give thanks to You at the remembrance of Your Word to me! Thank You for ordering my steps this morning! Good and Upright are You, O Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!


My Lord, You know all things! What are Your Reports, which You have prepared for us this day? Give us this day our daily bread; and, forgive us for our debts as we forgive our debtors, because the Kingdom; and, the Power; and, the Glory are Yours forever! Amen!

Blessed are You, O Lord Michael! Arise in continuance with War Power against all of our enemies!


Blessed are You, O Lord Gabriel! Give us the Reports from the Lord Jesus Christ; and, give us skills, knowledge, and understanding, which is ordained for us to receive this day!

O Holy Father, prepare our hearts to receive all that come from You; and, not only prepare our hearts; but, give us Power to accept and keep all that come out from You! Blessed are You, because You are so Kind to us! We don’t always realize Your Kindness; but, I ask that this would be corrected in us; and give us Power to realize Your Kindness, always, and to know just how Kind and Merciful You are! Create in us that same kindness and mercy, even as You have, O Lord! Amen!

So, Jeremiah wrote in a book all of the evil that should come upon Babylon (America), even all of these words that are written against Babylon (America)! And, Jeremiah said to Seraiah, “When you come to Babylon, and shall see and shall read all these words; then, shall you say, O Lord, You have spoken against this place, to cut it off, that none shall remain in it: neither man nor beast, but it shall be desolate forever!” (Jeremiah 51:60-62) Amen!

I am being given to focus on the word “realize” this morning! Let all realization of Your Goodness come forth unto us, O Holy Father: I ask of You in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! For You are our Creator! Amen!


O Holy Father, let not an evil speaker be established with me: but, let only the wholesome Words of the Lord come unto me! Amen!


Lord, I ask that I would be caused to seek Your Strength! Amen!

Avail means to have the advantage in obtaining a goal, or a purpose! What is the purpose? The purpose is what God has established as the purpose for all things! So that we can attain unto our goal, let us be found seeking the Will of God: and, work towards that end! Amen!

What is it that I need to ask You for? Elijah saw that as long as the people had all of the material things they wanted, they were not going to be thinking about God at all! So, he prayed that the Lord God would cause the rain to stop! This would cause all the crops to dry up; and, this would cause all of the water supply to dry up! No matter how much material possessions the people had; none of these things could satisfy them when the water is taken away! Their food would soon run out also! This was a prayer for a desired effect, because Elijah cared about the souls of people! Only God can satisfy the hungry soul! And, only the Words coming from the Mouth of God will give life to man! But, man has been turned away from that which is intended for his life; and, has turned to that which does not give life! Amen!


Holy Father, only You know how to turn the hearts back to You! Only You know how to get our attention! What would You have me to do? Let Your Plan be given unto me; and, give me such as I need to work according to Your Plan! Amen!

“Over against” means to set something in a place whereby it can be compared with something else! Now, you can judge between the two! This is what Jesus Christ did; and, this is what is happening in these days, as the Truth of the Lord is coming forth! Amen!


A wife would never put herself in a position whereby her husband would have to choose between her and Jesus! Amen!


The Lord Jesus placed Himself in a position whereby the disciples could see both Him and the glorious temple, which had been built! The disciples marveled at the temple which had been built, even though the Lord of Glory was sitting right there! Amen!


And, another time, the Lord positioned Himself in a place whereby people could see Him and the offering box in the temple!

Deuteronomy 7:14, says, “You shall be blessed above all people: there shall not be male or female barren among you, or among your cattle!” Amen!


Everything that you do should produce! Amen!

Then the Lord showed me by way of a dream, how I saw someone that appeared to be a ten year old girl, walking past me as I sat! I considered her as a wife; but, I thought about her age! But, the Lord showed me that I was seeing things wrong, by using this dream as an example! Amen!


I now see females with fully grown female bodies; and, I have been calling them women! But, in truth, they are nothing but little girls! They don’t know how to take care of themselves properly; and, they don’t know how to take care of things around the house, nor do they know how to take care of a husband like a woman would! Amen!


They can have babies like a woman can; but, they don’t know how to take care of the babies! They believe they do! The majority of them will not give their breast to their own child! Amen!


And, because they have no contact with God; they don’t have the wisdom that is required for the caring for the things that they are given to take care of! Amen!

I was being used to represent a 53 year old male who was foolish, and without wisdom! Though his body is grown; he is still a child in the spirit! Amen!


So, the Lord was showing me how boys and girls are thinking that they can get married! A man and a woman will give attention to their responsibilities! A child loses interest in a thing after a short period of time! When the newness of the thing is worn off, they are ready to get something else to play with! This is the evidence that these people are not as we think they are! They only appear to be grown to us! We do expect them to be responsible like an adult: but, how can they? And, they appear to be so much in love! But, you need the Spirit from God before you can take care of things properly! Amen!

You find too much pleasure in “I was thinking that; and, I was going to say that; or I was going to do that!” This comes after someone else has said something; or done something; and, or brought forth an idea that came to their mind! You have a problem with inability to bring things forth! You say things as an afterthought; which is to say, after someone else has brought it forth! You need the Spirit that will motivate you to work! Amen!

You do cast God’s Word behind your back, according to what He said in Psalm 50; and, you do tell God to wait, so that you can say, and do what you want done! Just believe that! You be talking with someone else; and, the Lord comes in to give you the correct answers of the tongue; and, you motion to Him, saying, “Wait a minute!” Though you did not realize it at the time, you were telling the Lord to keep quiet while you speak with this person on your own! The Lord said He would show you the errors of your ways! He said you are guilty of casting His Words behind you! The answers of the tongue are given to you by the Lord! But, you have opposing spirits that remain in you that the Lord had not revealed yet! And, when He reveals them; you will have them removed, so that they will not oppose the answers of the tongue from the Lord anymore! Amen!


Then you will be able to give the people the answers that the Lord gives you to give to them! Amen!


This casting of the Words of God behind your back can show up when the man of God is used by God to tell you what the proper answer is, right in the middle of your conversation. Then you see yourself saying, “Wait a minute!” to the man of God! But, in truth; you are saying it to God! This is serious; so, don’t take it lightly! This also shows you that something is wrong in you. You don’t have the Spirit to be aware of God when He is speaking to you through the mouth of an anointed one. This does not mean you are disrespectful, like you were in the past: it is just that you are lacking a necessary Spirit from God! Amen!


This is to the preachers especially! The Lord said you hate to be instructed! (Psalm 50) And, because you would not believe the Spirit (Angel) of God: the penalty for this is becoming deaf and dumb, like what was done to Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist! Amen!

Luke 1, speaks about the man Zechariah, who was the priest, whose duty was to minister in the house of the Lord! Gabriel spoke to the man about not believing Him in verses 19-20; and, the man became dumb! If the preachers will not hear the Reports from the Angel of the Lord; he is also deaf! Amen!


The preachers are supposed to be the first ones to believe what the Angel of God is telling them! But, God is merciful; because you did not know! But, for you that know that the Lord said He would send a Messenger in these days; you be very careful! The Lord said that you needed a certain Spirit from Him, that you might be able to receive this Messenger whom the Lord has sent! Ask; and, you shall be given! Amen!


Then the Lord said that you love cursing; and, you delight in seeing the fall of someone else! You want to see the curse of God come upon the people! Get rid of that spirit! The reason for this is because you believe that by the fall of another, you can be exalted! Not so! Your desires are wrong, like Jonah’s were! Amen!


When the Messenger speaks to you; it is as if Gabriel Himself is speaking to you! If you don’t believe; something will happen to your speaking ability; and, your hearing ability! Save yourselves from the wrath of God; and, remove that which causes you not to believe the reports coming from God, by way of the mouth, and by way of the written Messages! Did you not hear that this is a “Report To You From God!” Don’t take this lightly! I have prayed unto the Lord for the Spirit of God to be sent to you to help you receive this Message; and, to help you make the right choice! But, remember how God brought down Saul; and, exalted David! If you be stubborn and resistive; He will destroy you! Amen!

There is some serious work that needs to be done; and, the Lord is purging out all playfulness, as He has been warning about for a long time! (John 15) The preachers and the ministers of the Lord must be thoroughly furnished! Judgment must first begin at the house of God: and, that will start with the preachers, first! Amen!

People get tired of praying because they want to do other things! They want to speak when they need to be continuing in prayer! They have not found the joy of praying, because their desires are not for the Will of God! This present day House of God is called an House of Prayer! Amen!


But, the people of these days are infected with that “Running To And Fro Spirit!” They want to be quick in doing all things, so that they can get to doing what they want to do, which is more important to them! Amen!


Lord, this is true; and, You have given me to speak unto them about these things! Lord, what shall I do now? You give us the time to be prepared: but, much time is being spent on our own lusts! O Lord, deliver us from this wasting of time; and, deliver us from our own lusts! Let these things be removed far from us; and, utterly destroy them, so that they be found no more forever! I did curse that “Running To And Fro Spirit” from myself, as You commanded me to do! Amen!


You have said that even the memory of the wicked shall perish! Help me with the understanding that You know, O Lord! We even forget about the wicked things we use to be vexed with! These are not the things that we did in sin: but, these are the things that we have called upon You to remove from us, because we did not desire these things to remain with us! They will bother us no more! The righteous shall know peace! Amen!

You said, “An Abundance of Peace!” Grant it, O Lord! Amen!

You have said, “Therefore, You go; and, teach all nations; baptizing them by the Authority of the Father; and, of the Son; and, of the Holy Ghost! The Authority is One! Teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you (alway) in every way, even unto the end of the world!” Do you believe in the Authority, which the Father gave the Son? Then, also, believe in the Authority, which He has given you by the Son! Amen!


Alway means in all of His ways; He will be with you! Alway means going all the way in doing what He is commanding to be done, leaving nothing out! This understanding is being given from the Lord to give you to understand what He is saying! “Acknowledge Him in all of your ways; and, He shall direct your paths!” Amen!

You have said, “Teach them!” Lord, give me acceptable words to speak unto You, because You know my thoughts, altogether! You already know what I desire to ask of You! How do I teach them? Teach me to teach them as You have commanded to be done; and, You know the way in which You are speaking about it being done! Your Will be done! Amen!

Give me the Spirit to teach them as You have ordained; and, how to baptize them! And, cause the Spirit to abide in me; and, I abide in Him; and, He abide with us! Amen!


There has been much conflict about baptism, lately! Who is properly baptized; and, who still needs to be baptized! I ask that You would cause them who don’t need to be baptized to be content; and, that those who need to be baptized, that they be given no rest until they realize what they need to do! Amen!

Let the Spirit to teach them abide in me; and, I abide in the Spirit; and, let the Spirit abide with me! Give me the Spirit to impress upon them how very important it is for them to do all things that are commanded by You! And, cause the Spirit to abide with me; and, I abide in Him; and, He abide in me! Amen!

Let every man examine himself by the Spirit of Truth! But, how honest is your heart? That is necessary for everyone to have! Without such, no good fruits of Righteousness can be borne in you. He that is honest acknowledges all things to be true, which the Lord points out to him: but, the wicked hearted always denies even that which he knows of himself to be true. And, there is always a justification for the evil that he does! Who are these young people who judge me; and, that which I do, seeing that they have not even given themselves to being cleansed of their faults? O Lord, I pray that You would deliver them from that wicked way! Even as the Lord’s Ways are Higher than our ways; so are the ways in which He has taught me, higher than their ways! Surely, they don’t understand all that I am given to do: but, this is not a condemnation to them! But, they should always realize where they are, in the level of understanding of the Ways of the Lord! I ask that they would be given the Spirit to abide with them to help them to remember that I am sent by You; and, that everyone must give respect to those whom You have sent! This is for their salvation! Many are found believing in salvation without complying with the Laws of God! Where there are errors, those errors must be corrected, because the Lord is coming for a people who are without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. Therefore, it is necessary to concern yourselves with those evils, which yet remains! How short is your time? No one knows, because the Lord said His coming will be just like when a thief comes: no one knows when a thief has decided to break into their homes! What are you spending this time on? Amen!


How long have they been seeking the Lord’s Ways; and, how obedient have they been in doing those things that they have heard? Let everyone examine himself; and, judge if he has obeyed the Lord with all of his heart! If you have not; then how can you understand some of the things, which I am being given to do? You struggle with accepting things done in truth, because of your lack of obedience to doing what the Lord has commanded you to do! Remember what the Lord said about those who are in darkness cannot understand that which is in the Light! Have you not been shown that you show openly, great disrespect for God because of your disobedience? You cannot receive anything from God as long as you are showing disrespect to Him! As a matter of fact, His Wrath abides upon you; and, could come upon you suddenly, because this is His warning to you! You are even deceived to think that the Lord told you how to do something, even after you have not done what He told you to do! But, I pray unto the Lord that you be delivered from under the power of these delusions! It is not my desire to see you deceived the way I am seeing you deceived! Amen!

How can you pray for me, if you have not respected Him to whom you are praying? How can you ask Him for something as long as you are showing contempt for Him? You are deceived; and, your prayers are vain; and, you speak as if you are telling God what to do! Are you so vain, that you do not understand that you are never asking anyone to do something for you, whom you don’t have respect for? You are actually ordering them to do it! Does a master ask his servant; or, does he order him? Amen!


And, if you will not do what God tells you to do; you have declared that He is no God at all! But, you call Him; and, say unto Him what you want Him to do for you, and for others, as if He is your genie! Amen!

In times past, we have heard people speaking to us about their problems; but, we did not recognize this as confessing their faults unto us! We truly did not recognize their confessions! But, I ask that You would give me the Spirit to recognize when someone is confessing a fault to me; and, give me the Spirit to pray for their healing of this fault, O Lord God, according to James 5. Let the Spirits abide in me; and, I abide in the Spirits; and, the Spirits abide with me! For You give Your Spirits charge over us! Amen!

I have been shown to confess my faults before others; and, they start to pray for me: but, I do not wish that you remain under a delusion about yourselves; and, your ability to pray! If you do not obey God by confessing your faults, how can you have the Power to pray about my faults? You must first, be obedient! Come from under that delusion about your ability to pray without you being obedient unto the Lord! Amen!


By what power will you pray? Let those who have not been obedient, ask the Lord to be merciful unto them; and, ask for the forgiveness of your sins! You have to first be restored to ability to pray by confessing your transgressions; and, repenting of them! If you will not acknowledge your sins: how can one that is full of sins pray for another sinner? You must be clean! Acknowledge your transgressions! Repent of them! You be restored first! Amen!


The Lord said that if you sin against someone; you need to go to that person, and beg his forgiveness; and, then come before the Lord with your prayers! Many of you are not taking the steps, which the Lord has ordained, so that you can call upon Him in prayer! You don’t come out in the open on your own to do these things! You have no initiative to do righteousness! You need help from the Lord so that you can do all that is required of you by the Lord! You should be asking God to give you the Spirit to come forth on your own; and, not have to have the sins exposed by someone else! You need to acknowledge that these words are true; and, that you are guilty of not doing this! Amen!

You have this self-righteous spirit that causes you to think that you are excused from doing what the Lord God has commanded for all to do! By saying this to you, is not condemnation to you; but, to reveal to you what spirits are ruling over you! You need to be able to identify these spirits for yourself! It is necessary for all of us to show forth the examples of all righteousness! None of us are excused from doing that which is right in the Sight of God! It is required that all do all things that the Lord is commanding us to do! Is that not what the Lord is saying in Matthew 28:20? Amen!

An Angel must come from God, which give us the ability to do what God requires of us! Without this Help from God, we are not able to do anything that is good! We find out things that we are not doing; and, we seek to have this Spirit added to us, so that we can do that which is required of us! God does not expect us to do these things automatically. He is giving us to recognize what we need, so that we can ask Him for it! And, He will supply all our needs according to His Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus! His Riches in Glory is His Spirit which He gives unto us freely; and, His Glory shall be seen upon us! His Spirit is His Riches! Understand this! Amen!


We are becoming as we are supposed to be! We are becoming more Spiritual Minded! We are seeking the provisions for the soul! And, by His Spirit, we can do all things as He is able to do! By His Spirit we can do all that He has made known to us that we need to be doing! Amen!

Seek His Spirit, because the Lord provides us with the Spirit! Amen!

After the Lord had fed the 5,000 and, the 4,000: He looked up, and saw a multitude of people following after Him! He said that they were not following Him for the Spirit that He had to give to them; but, for the material things He could provide for them! I have given you His understanding of what He said! You do not know just how hungry your soul is! It is not a hunger that can be sensed like the hunger of your stomach! But, there is a tremendous hunger in you! There is much food available; and, the Lord must cause your hungering and thirsting for Righteousness to appear in you! Call upon Him, and He will answer you, because the Heavenly Father will not deny you this good thing! Amen!


And, the Lord is looking up to see these multitudes in these days following after Him with material blessings in their minds! He will give you the material things, too: but, He said that you should seek after the Spiritual things first, and foremost! Amen!


The Lord said, “I give you Power to earn wealth!” Holy Father, give me the Spirit to earn wealth! And, cause the Spirit to abide in me; and, I abide in the Spirit; and, the Spirit abide with me! Amen!

Let not your heart be troubled for asking for this Spirit! This is also a Spirit from God that He wants you to have! This Spirit will not lead you astray; and, will not cause your mind to be turned from God! All Spirits that God gives you are Good; and, they don’t cause you to be corrupt in any manner! Amen!


What are you worried about? Shall God give you His Spirit; and, His Spirit will lead you into Hell? No way! The Spirit that God gives you is Light! Think about what is said by James in chapter one of the Book of James! “All good; and, all perfect gifts come down from the Father of Lights!” Consider what he said: “The Father of Lights!” Are you a Light! The Father is the Father of those whom He is creating with His Light Spirit (Jesus Christ). He is not the Father of the stubborn and disobedient! These are darkness! He is the Father of Lights! Have you given yourself to be created by Him? Are you allowing Him to cast out of you those things that He reveals to you? Amen!


Did you not see that the Lord Jesus gave the Apostles to write the names of those things that Jesus found in the temple, that He began to cast out? Did you see how He started to do these things; and, then the opposition came in: and, that is when He stopped doing it! The opposition to Him doing what He wants to do in you, is in you! You are now being made aware of that! He will be merciful unto you; and, give you what you need in you to allow Him to purge you thoroughly! Amen!

O Lord, give me the Spirit to allow You to purge me thoroughly! Cause the Spirit to abide in me; and, cause me to abide in the Spirit; and, cause the Spirit to abide with me! Amen!

Thank You, Lord, for giving me what to ask the Father for! It is Your Good Pleasure to give us the Kingdom! The Kingdom is coming unto me daily! Your Kingdom come! Your Will be done! Your Spirit is being given to me daily! Daily, You are giving us what we need! You have given us to be more Spiritual minded; and, we are being given to seek the Spirit from God! Blessed are You, O Lord God, who creates us a rejoicing; and, when You reveal to us what to ask for in prayer: we rejoice greatly! Your Word is being accomplished in us; and, upon us! You are thoroughly cleansing and furnishing Your Temples; and, all Temples shall be one Temple! O Lord, do good in Your Good Pleasure unto Zion (the Church); and, build You the Walls of Jerusalem (my walls)! Amen! (Psalm 51)


A clean heart and a right spirit in you, will allow the Lord to give you His Spirit freely as He desires to do! I am being upheld by the Spirit which God gives me free of charge! This is what is enabling me! Thank You, Lord! I don’t have to give no sacrifices to get this from You! Amen!

O Holy Father, You have given us a requirement to fast; but, I am not able to fast on my own! I ask that You would give me the Spirit to desire to fast; and the Spirit to carry out the fast that is pleasing and acceptable to You! Cause the Spirits to abide in me; and, cause me to abide in the Spirits; and, cause the Spirits to abide with me! Amen!


You truly do give us what to ask for, so that we will be about doing the Will of God! Amen!

Thank You for all the help that You are sending to me! You have given me to understand David; a man that seeks after Your Own Heart! We don’t see that person anymore: but, we see a “man spirit” that is called David! A man spirit is a Spirit from God that is intended for those whom the Lord is creating as His people! Any person that has the Spirit that seeks after the Heart of God is a David! He is a Beloved of the Lord! Amen!


As you gain all that you need from God; you will be seeing how you can help others! This is what the Lord was telling Peter, when He said, “Simon, when you are strengthened; strengthen your brethren!” Amen!


The Lord is revealing to you that you have an evil spirit that causes you to think ahead; and, plan ahead! This spirit does not allow you to trust in the Lord with your whole heart; and, causes you to think about things in the future; and, make provisions for yourself! Don’t store up for yourselves, treasures on earth: but, be stored up in the Spirits, which the Lord provides for you: and, if tomorrow is given to you; the Lord will have given you the Spirit that you need to face it; and, overcome it! These are your savings accounts and your stocks and bonds, and so on! Your faith cannot be perfected while you hold all these material things in store for yourself! Amen!


O Holy Father, I give thanks to You with appreciation for what You have just revealed to me! I ask that You would give me the Spirit to command those that are asleep to wake up! Cause the Spirit to abide in me; and, cause me to abide in the Spirit; and, cause the Spirit to abide with me! Amen!

You did cause me to exercise myself in this Spirit this morning! This is being written after the first writing, which began on 04-10-1997; and, this writing is taking place on 12-30-2006. You answered that prayer; and, made that to manifest itself immediately! Amen!

I am Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl, the Messenger of Prophesy of the Lord Jesus Christ!

“Behold: A Black Horse!” (Zechariah 6:6)


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